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Equipment Insurance for Any Business

Be ready for breakdowns with an insurance policy that protects your finances and replaces your equipment.

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What Is Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

When it comes to insuring equipment, we often think of businesses like restaurants and factories, but the truth is that all businesses rely on equipment that can lead to expensive solutions when it breaks down. That’s why Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers a wide range of equipment: electrical and mechanical equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, communication equipment and computers, boilers and pressure equipment, and even new technology. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance has your back no matter what happens. Our policies typically cover:

Who Needs Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

There are more things to consider when purchasing Equipment Breakdown Insurance, too. For example, what if your business is affected as a result of another company’s equipment failure? What if other properties suffer damage as a result of your equipment’s breakdown?

Determining your risks and deciding how much Equipment Breakdown Insurance to buy can be a challenge. That’s why our agents are here to help you through the process and get you on track to the perfect coverage plan. Contact us today to get started!